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We make South Carolina healthier.

The University of South Carolina system is dedicated to improving health and quality of life in our state, whether we’re educating the next generation of health care professionals, discovering new treatments and cures through cutting-edge research or advocating for social justice.

Health Care Professionals

When your life is in someone else’s hands, it’s vitally important to know that your caregivers are properly trained and highly skilled in their disciplines. Physicians, nurses, pharmacists, therapists — all of these health care professionals play a vital role in keeping South Carolina families healthy and productive. From the School of Medicine Greenville to nursing programs on all of our campuses, we are addressing the growing demand for qualified professionals.


Medical Research

Whether we’re conducting research in the lab or in the field, the university is making a direct impact on the advancement of medicine. We are developing technology that helps physicians properly diagnose and treat a variety of conditions, and we are improving health in your community through prevention, treatment and screening opportunities.

With dozens of health-related research centers and institutes that generate more than $100 million in annual funding, we are creating a foundation for a better future.


Community Outreach and Education

Our work in healthcare initiatives extends beyond our campus borders, as we bring many programs directly to your community. The Palmetto Poison Center serves all 46 counties and receives 37,000 calls annually, nursing faculty serve low-income families alongside USC students at Columbia’s Children and Family Healthcare Center, and the USC Upstate Child Protection Training Center ensures the well-being of children through local and national training programs.


Social Work

Every South Carolina citizen deserves social justice: the basic rights and privileges of good health and a safe living environment. The champions of social justice are social workers. These advocates are so ingrained in our communities, that we sometimes forget the diverse roles they play, from supporting our military families to transitioning family members from a health care facility to a home environment. USC is poised to train qualified social work professionals to fill these essential roles.


Carolina Changes Everything

For the mother whose child is being cared for by a compassionate, well-trained nurse. For the military family who lives two doors down and has a soldier deployed overseas. For your friend's sister, who was stricken with breast cancer and is fighting just a little harder than before because researchers have given her hope for a new, effective treatment. For these people, and for everyone seeking good health and a better quality of life, Carolina changes everything.