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  • student at McKissick Museum

We make South Carolina more vibrant.

From Native American pottery in Lancaster and contemporary visual arts in Beaufort to world-class piano performances in Columbia and lots of team spirit on eight universities, the University of South Carolina system offers a treasure trove of exhibits, performances and sports, all making the Palmetto State a more vibrant place to call home.

History and Culture

The University of South Carolina is the only institution in the state that collects, documents, preserves and showcases so many aspects of our rich history and diverse cultures. Our prehistoric artifacts, political papers and notable manuscripts not only help shape the state but also inform the world.

Lancaster’s Catawba pottery, Columbia’s Audubon Collection and Upstate’s Southern Literature and History Collection are just a few of the important items entrusted to Carolina.


Visual and Performing Arts

Throughout South Carolina, faculty artists, students and nationally renowned touring musicians, dancers and visual artists share their talents with us, greatly enhancing the quality of life in cities large and small. Our campuses host hundreds of concerts, exhibitions, demonstrations, film screenings and lectures each year in both historic and state of the art venues.



Fire Ants! Sand Sharks! Spartans! Gamecocks! The university boasts national ranked men’s and women’s athletic programs at all levels that bring us together to root for the home team. But wins and losses only tell half the story. Whether we are Lancers, Indians, Pacers or Bantams, our school pride is also rooted in friendship, tradition and community support.


Carolina Changes Everything

For the family who spends an afternoon together viewing Civil War-era artifacts from a special collection, and learning about battles through the journal entries of men and women who were living through it. For the die-hard fan who tailgates at every home game of the season. For these people, and for communities across the state, Carolina changes everything.